Mondays Are Murder interviews Sabrina, the protagonist from Run Into The Wind

Mondays Are Murder has started something different! I will be interviewing protagonists from novels about murder. Today I’d like to introduce to you Sabrina, created by author Lynn Hubbard.

Laurie: Good morning, Sabrina. It’s wonderful to have you with me today. Please give us a little introduction to the story you star in.

Sabrina: Ummm Hello, I’m Sabrina and Run into the Wind is about my life. My mama always called me a “free spirit”. I guess that means I don’t like doin’ housework. I’d rather be off fishing or helping the hands with the spring foals. Life was good until them outlaws came to town. They murdered my family and would have killed me if I didn’t sneak off to go fishing. If I would have had my shotgun on me the story would have ended there.

Laurie: Oh, my. What a horrible thing to happen! What did you do then?

Sabrina: After my folks died, I ran away from my domineering brother and headed west. He hired every two-bit bouty  hunter to come after me, so I hid out in Oklahoma. Of course a lone girl in Tulsey sticks out like a new penny. So I became “Will” and dressed as boy.

Laurie: What an an ingenious plan. How did you get by?

Sabrina: There was an opening at the corral so I took it. Horse’s have more sense than most people anyway, so I felt right at home. I’d rather be shoveling horse crap any day than gussied up at some fancy ball.

Laurie: I’m with you there. I love horses. So tell us, what’s it like for you, living there?

Sabrina: It isn’t easy, however, Life never is. I like working and it helps to keep my mind off of the past. It’s hard to think about losing my family. I have nightmares some times, but the horses don’t mind. They bring me comfort.

Laurie: Who are your supporting cast – family, friends, neighbors, etc.?

I try to keep to myself mostly. The less town folks noising into my business the better. But Mr. Swanson, my employer is a good guy. And Mac the bartender is the nearest thing I could call a friend. There aren’t too many women in Tulsey. The saloon girls are alright, but Sally Reynolds, the Doctor’s daughter makes me want to spit nails. She acts like she can’t do anything. And she’s always prancing around town in new dresses from the east. Blech!

Now we have gotten a new sheriff recently. Brock. He’s a bit different than the rest. And to tell you the truth, he makes my toes curl. Of course he thinks I’m a boy. As I said, Life is hard.

Laurie: Yes, it does sound as though life is hard. But you’ve managed to work things out. What are your best attributes?

Sabrina: My green eyes.  I wish I would have inherited my mama’s golden red hair as well, but I don’t have the best of luck.

Laurie: What are your character flaws, and do they sometimes help you?

Sabrina: Sometimes I talk without thinkin’ first. Mr. Swanson is always getting on to me for that. And I might be a bit impulsive. But I’d probably be dead now if I wasn’t.

Laurie: It sounds as though your “flaw” is what saved you. Think about the author who created you. Is she anything like you?

Sabrina: Heck No! I don’t think Lynn has ever caught a fish in her life! As far as riding a horse, well let’s just say it’s harder than it looks. But she is a pretty good story teller.

Laurie: Are you satisfied with the way the book ended?

Sabrina: Oh yes! I was very, very happy if you know what I mean. Of course Lynn’s fans weren’t too happy it ended. They wanted to hear more. So Lynn wrote “Chase the Moon”. Why she named it after Brock’s loud mouth brother, I’ll never know. As if his ego wasn’t large enough already.

Laurie: It’s good to know there’s a sequel available. If you could change the ending to your story, how  would it be different?

Sabrina: I lost another one of my friends. Brock says I shouldn’t blame myself. But who else is there? He died protecting me, it just isn’t fair.

Laurie: I can’t imagine how awful that would be. Will there be more books about you?

Sabrina: Well “Chase” of course and Lynn has been mulling over a new adventure if she ever finishes the Revolutionary War book she’s working on. She’s been piddling with it for ages.

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Chase the Moon –Amazon (Free with Prime!)


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