FREE FOR 5 DAYS: MURDER BY PLANE Author T.E. Avery on writing, flying, and the roaring 30’s

Good morning everyone! It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning here in the land of aloha. Due to family issues, I got off track with my MONDAYS ARE MURDER interviews. But I’m back today with author T.E. Avery to talk about his novel, MURDER BY PLANE. The book is available FREE on Amazon for the next 5 days so be sure to download your copy! If you don’t have a Kindle device, download the Kindle app to your phone or computer. Happy reading!

Laurie: I’m so happy to have this chance to talk to you, Tom. First, please tell us about your protagonist, Reginald St. John.

Tom:  Reginald was a flying ace during the First World War, but he dislikes talking about it and has nightmares about the war.  He flew after the war as a Hollywood stunt pilot and then became a star of silent movies.  Reginald had stage training as a young man.  This allowed him to make the transition to talking pictures.  Reginald had been engaged to an actress, but she died in a plane crash.  Reginald was the pilot.  He lives with the memory and guilt of her death.  He drinks too much and this has all but ended his career.

Laurie: As an actor and a pilot, how is Reginald in a position to solve a mystery?

Tom: Reginald worked behind enemy lines during the war and learned to use his smooth voice to interrogate prisoners.  Reginald can even hypnotize people who are not especially strong willed.

Laurie: Is there a lot of yourself in St. John?

Tom: No way.  Reginald is brave and cool.

Laurie: Are you a pilot?

Tom: I was a private pilot as a young man and owned a Cessna 150.  My grandfather was a WW1 pilot.

Laurie:  Why did you choose the 1930’s as a setting for your story?

Tom:  I have always loved the films from the 1930s, especially mysteries and screwball comedies.

Laurie:   What kind of research did you have to do to write the book, especially considering it takes place during an era you don’t remember yourself?

Tom: I wrote the draft and then did my research on the internet and from books and film.

Laurie:  Was there anything surprising you discovered in your research about life the 30’s?

Tom:  I’m always surprised by the strength and the skills of that generation.  I do not think I could have done as well, back then, as they did.  I loved researching the swing music.

Laurie: Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Tom: Murder By Plane will be free for the next five days on Amazon Kindle.
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