Press release

Honolulu, HI, March 11, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — Following on her successful mystery, Almost Paradise,  author Laurie Hanan returns with another thriller,  How Far Is Heaven? In her new novel, Hanan offers the same blend of Hawaiian flavor, tradition, and lore that propelled Almost Paradise into the limelight. Her writing is loved by locals, those who have moved to the Hawai’i from elsewhere, as well as anyone who has visited—or dreams of visiting—the islands. The five-star reviews her books continue to receive have placed Hanan in the top echelon of Hawaii’s thriller writers.

Like Hanan’s previous novel, How Far Is Heaven? follows the adventures of the unorthodox heroine, mail carrier Louise Golden. Louise makes a conscious effort to live a low-key, no-commitment lifestyle. But when a when a ghostlike figure appears in front of Louise’s headlights on a dark, rainy night, Louise can’t avoid hitting the young woman. After the woman wakes from a coma with amnesia, Louise feels obligated to help her. She finds herself pulled into another mystery with car chases, kidnappings, and—of course—murder.

Hanan’s clean, fast-paced prose has been compared to Sue Grafton, and her humor to Janet Evanovitch. Bestselling author William Bernhardt says, “The mystery is intriguing … there’s more going on in this book than the mere working out of the whodunit … because Hanan is a writer with depth, perception, and insight. This book is a pleasure to read.”

“I grew up on Nancy Drew,” Hanan says. “During my career as a Honolulu postal worker, I noticed how mail carriers move about the neighborhood unobserved, almost as part of the landscape. I thought it would be fun to write a mystery series with a mail carrier as the protagonist. When I retired from the postal service in 2006, I started writing the Louise Golden mystery series.”

Hanan is available for book signings and media interviews. She can be reached by email at  More information is available at her website All Hanan’s works, including  Almost Paradise, are available at Amazon.


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