Louise Golden’s New Year Resolutions

In Almost Paradise, Louise learned a few hard lessons. Here are some of the mistakes she’s going to try not to repeat in the coming year:

Never spend the night with my landlord.

Don’t’ eavesdrop.

Don’t drink a large coffee if I’m going to be away from the restroom for several hours.

Stay out of PortaPottys

Stay away from actors and stunt men.

Stay out of my customers’ personal business

If the customer isn’t home, leave the mail in the box.

If no one answers the door, don’t try to door knob. And DO NOT walk in.

Stay away from younger men.

Never go to a party with a gay date.

At parties, only drink from a sealed bottle or can.

While driving, be aware of the cars around me.

Don’t park the mail truck in a secluded area

Don’t put a five-year-old in a spinning chair with a mug of chocolate.

Don’t invite Brian to parties.

Don’t introduce Marta to my friends, especially men.

Always set the house alarm before taking a shower.