The Marlboro Man Meets Tinker Bell

Dan is Louise’s landlord. She rents the little mother-in-law cottage on his property in Alewa Heights. Dan and Louise hit it off from the start because of their mutual love for word games. Many a weekend will find them locked head to head in a heated game of Scrabble.

Dan is a repo man for a local lending company, and is working his way toward  a PhD in psychology. He makes it no secret he’s attracted to Louise, and flirts with her at every turn.  Every Christmas, he invites her to his office party and introduces her to his coworkers as his girlfriend.

Is Louise attracted to Dan? In a word, yes. They have a lot in common. And with his dark, curly hair and mustache he looks like a slightly older Marlboro Man – less the horse and the ten gallon hat.

So, what’s preventing a relationship from blossoming between Louise and Dan? She isn’t sure.

Dan lives with Doug, the adult son of his late wife. The fact that Doug is a flaming homosexual could not have escaped Dan’s notice. Now and then, Dan unconsciously mimics Doug’s overtly feminine gestures. In an age when everyone is coming out, did Dan and Doug move to Hawaii from San Francisco to go into the closet? Is Louise part of their cover?


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