Louise’s closest friend is ten-year-old Emmeline

   Lousie has never wanted children. But if she did have a daughter, she’d want her to be just like Emmeline. At the tender age of ten,  Emmeline is an animal activist and a vegan. The bubbly ten-year-old waits on Louise’s front porch every evening, with her dog, Dazy. When Louise comes home from a hard day of delivering the mail, she makes a cup of tea and joins Emmeline on the porch, where they talk over their day.  Sometimes,  Louise finds her own thoughts drifting as Emmeline rambles, jumping to one thought to the next, without pause or punctuation.

Then, we find out there’s more to Emmeline than meets the eye. When she suspects auntie Louise is in trouble, she thinks fast and moves quickly to call in help.


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