The Pebble Made Me Do It.

One of the guys in Louise’s life is Jackie. At five years old, Jackie is the scourge of the neighborhood. Little brother to ten-year-old Emmeline, Jackie always shows up unexpectedly, each time with another antic up his sleeve.

He pressed his lips together and thought for a moment. “The pebble

made me do it,” he said, with great seriousness.

Huh? “You mean, the devil made you do it.” I thought he’d

misunderstood the word, as young children often do.

“No.” He took a deep breath, let out a huge sigh, and rolled his eyes.

“The pebble made me do it!”

“Pebble? What pebble?”

He pulled a small, smooth stone out of his pocket and held it in his

palm for me to see. “This pebble. It’s magic. It tells me what to do and I do


Okie dokie.


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