Man troubles in Paradise

  Louise Golden has problems in the man department. There is no lack of attractive men in her life, but each has something about him that makes him not quite               Mr. Right.

First, there was Amos Moses. With his long hair and beard, Amos looked like those beatific paintings you see of Jesus.  He was the love of her life. Her soul mate.  But   he had one fault: he liked to get high. He liked to ride the waves while hepped up on speed. The bigger the wave, the better. He said it made him feel close to God. The last wave took him to meet his maker.

When Amos died, Louise moved to Oahu to start over. She rented a mother-in-law cottage from Dan and Doug. Her landlords live right behind her and look out for her.  There has never been a doubt in Louise’s mind that Doug is gay. But what about the big, burly Dan who flirts with her at every turn? Why does she doubt his sincerity?

And then there’s Brian. He’s a fun guy, a fantastic dancer, and comes complete with a guitar and a great voice to go along with his tropical Keith Urban looks. He’s a great listener, but he doesn’t talk a whole lot. Especially about himself. Why does he bolt when Louise asks him to accompany her to a celebrity pool party? Will she ever see him again?

The Israeli stunt man, Ilan, makes Louise’s heart go pitter patter. He’s drop-dead gorgeous—and young enough to be her son. Well, maybe if she’d had him when she was fifteen. His invitation to visit the movie set leads Louise straight into the path of a man who is bad news at best…and might be a serial killer.


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